Option Strategies

Options :


Basic Options ( F & O )
bulletBasics of Options trading.

bulletCalls/Puts Buying &Writing.

bulletUsing Options as Hedging

bulletPractical Examples with Calculations

bulletWhen to BUY/WRITE

Advanced Options ( F & O )

bulletDebit Spreads

bulletCredit Spreads

bulletVertical Spreads

bulletHorizontal Spreads

bulletHedge Strategies


These Strategies will be taught by using different Options Trading Strategies


Bull & Bear Call Spreads

Bear & Bull Put Spreads

Long & Short Straddle

Long & Short Strangle

Butterfly Strategies

Condor Strategies

Covered Strategies

Synthetic Options

Calendar Spreads

Ratios & Ladder Spread

Married Calls & Puts


How to Imply all these Strategies , Market psychology & Money management


Under Which Market Condition to use required Strategy, Practice on Options calculator to calculate Options price, Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho  

bulletHow to read and Analyze Option Chain.

bulletUnderstanding of Open Interest

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